April 24, 2015



Stock No 1098 

Superbly proportioned and diminuitive chest, or cofferette, Oak, Northern French, circa 1510. It was clearly intended to be seen from all sides as in addition to its four linenfold or parchemin panels to the front, both sides and the back are decorated with further pairs of parchemin panels. The lid is a single Oak board and would originally have had cleats to either side. The lock plate is period, but is probably not the original one. The feet have all been replaced as has the back strip to the lid. There are also “fill its” where an old hasp would most probably have been. There are traces of red pigment indicating that it was probably painted at some time. There is also significant insect damage to the right hand side where it looks as though “sappy” wood was used.

Dimensions: Height 52cm, Width 82cm, Depth 48cm

Price: £7950