April 24, 2015



Stock No 1154 

Oak Coffer, circa 1620 typical of South Devon and of fine colour and high quality carved front and frieze to the sides. The three panelled channel moulded top sits above a two panelled front with a running punched lunette frieze interspersed with sheaves, The two panels repeat these motifs but with a single large lunette as the main theme. Interestingly the interior with the original till has a back rail that is probably chestnut, its honey colour contrasting to the darker oak of the rest of the interior. However, the back patination and the oxidisation stain giving witness to the former butterfly hinges indicate that this rail is original to the piece. (The hinges have been replaced and there is a strip of wood let into the left hand stile.

Dimensions: Height 64cm, Width 116cm, Depth 55cm

Price: £2500