April 24, 2015


Primitive Chair

Stock No. 1170

Three legged Primitive Chair, circa 1780 of lovely proportions and colour. It has Ash sticks and single piece arm bow with a Sycamore seat. It is a typical example utilising reused timber as evidenced by the two old holes in the almost dished seat which predate the mortices for the three original Ash legs. The six stick back is also attractively configured with the two centre sticks splayed apart and the two adjoining sticks slanted in towards them. There is a small loss to the end of the right hand side of the arm bow, and the stick has been secured with a later repair.

Dimensions: Height 73 centimetres, Width of arm bow 78 centimetres, Width of seat 54 centimetres, Depth 33 centimetres, Height to seat 38.5 centimetres

Price: £4,750