January 4, 2015


Carved Fragment

Stock No 2394

Oak carved figure of an Angel with hands clasped in prayer, probably Flemish, circa 1450. The dynamic posture, and the “crushed look” of the garments indicate that it is probably Belgian, but the shape of the head and the rustic nature of the hands give it a very English feel. This fascinating piece has had some reconstruction to indicate the way that this piece would have been projected from the end of a beam. There are closely related examples from Tournai illustrated in John William Steyaert, Late Gothic Sculpture: The Burgundian Netherlands, (Ghent Ludion Press 1994) pages 58 – 60, figures 29 and 30. The wings and outer section of its fixing plate are lost and have later replacements.

Dimensions: Height 20 centimetres, Width 15 centimetres, Depth 25 centimetres

Price: £4,500