February 11, 2015


Carved Panels

Stock No. 2777

Pair of English Oak carved panels, circa 1640. In the top section is carved a heart motif, inside which is a large leaf with a flower head of a Rose to its centre. Below this is a carved beast possibly representing an Amphisbaena. Overall it is a very successful design and extremely well carved. The possible symbolic meaning implied by this design could be described as” an amphisbaena lurks in some leaves below, the double-headed lizard is renowned for its duplicity, indicating that the heart here seems likely to deceive – or be deceived – shortly. The rose in the heart is a symbol of love but its thorns prick like the wounds of love.” Whilst some may think this fanciful, it is a poetic interpretation of the meaning that may well have imbued the decoration of this panel when it was carved.

Remains of old worm damage on their backs, and one has a glue repair to a crack.

Dimensions: Height 46 centimetres, Width 18.5 centimetres

Price: £950