February 22, 2015


Pair of French Panels

Stock No. 2793

Pair of outstanding carved French Oak panels, circa 1500 – 1520. They are probably from a screen with a set of scenes showing the “Vices” and the “Virtues”. The iconography is complex as are the scenes depicted. One of the panels shows a Monkey riding a cloven hoofed beast which appears to be a cross between a horses and a giant dog. The Monkey is looking behind him as he is being pursued by a bearded and naked figure sporting a pair of dragon like wings and a tail. This figure is brandishing a club and is holding onto the beast’s tail. This vivid scene is highly dynamic and is brought together by the speech bubble from the Monkey’s mouth interlacing with the club and the beast’s tail.

The second panel is equally eye-catching with a central figure of a Mermaid with her arms held up separating a snarling beast to her left, and a bearded man again with dragon-like wings and wearing a cowl to her right. The man is holding a curly-cue that springs from the Mermaid’s fish tail.

Whilst it is impossible to be firm on the iconographical interpretation, from their content it seems most probable that these panels both represent the vices!

Dimensions: Height 30 centimetres, Width 75 centimetres

Price: £6,500