April 11, 2016


Figural Group

Limewood carved Figural Group, circa 1670 – 1680.  It is a depiction of Jesus wearing a crown of thorns, and being stripped of his clothes by Roman Soldiers, with the dice on the ground symbolising the casting of lots to decide their division.  (Mark 15: 17 & 24: “The soldiers …. Twisted together a crown of thorns and put it on him”; and “dividing up his clothes they cast lots to see what each would get”.)   It is superbly carved with great anatomical and realistic quality, and has an intense emotional presence in its own right.  It would originally have been painted, but at some later stage has been stripped so that there are now only some areas of Gesso, and faint traces of polychrome left.  It is one of the “Stations of the Cross”, the tenth, and these became very popular in Southern Germany after the edict of Pope Innocent X1.

Dimensions:  Height 69 centimetres, Width 62 centimetres, Depth 10 centimetres

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