June 25, 2018

Carved Fragment (SN2846)

Carved Fragment

An English Oak Carved and Pierced Tracery Head, circa 1520. The carving depicts male and
female heads opposite each other set in reduced roundels, with head of a King at the centre.
The facial expressions are very striking and it is possibly meant to be a caricature of “The
Feast of Fools”. The carving is of a very high quality and the overall imagery comes over
with great impact. The piece would appear to have been reused, there is a later “fill it” to the
lower centre of the panel, and the surrounding framing is a later seventeenth century addition.

Dimensions: Height 24.5 centimetres, Width 100.5 centimetres, Depth with later framing
11.5 centimetres

Price: £4,950 (Stock No 2846)