April 14, 2017

Oak Settle (SN2836)

Oak Settle Fragment

This is a very important survival of English woodwork, despite being only a fragment, and only half its original size.  When it was first made, it would most probably have been composed of eight panel sections.  It is from an English Oak “Wall Settle”, circa 1500 – 1520 and is typical of the style of this type of seating made in a workshop in the Barnstaple area of North Devon.

The decoration is of multi-fold linenfold enriched with relief carving of “barber’s pole” decoration within the double uprights, and set within heavily moulded tops and stiles.

The “egg and dart” top rail and the plumes are later replacements.

(Provenance:  formerly in the Frank Cowan collection. In addition, it is illustrated and described in Michael Dann’s “The English Smile”, Pages 75 – 78)

Dimensions:  Height 106 centimetres, width 188 centimetres

Price:  £6,750