June 25, 2018

Pair of Panels (SN2858)

Pair of Panels

Pair of English Oak carved panels, circa 1530. They were probably from the top of a door fitted into an arched doorway. They are carved on both sides with raised portrait heads of a man and a woman. They were stored in Seckford Hall in Suffolk from the early 1930s until they came onto the market in 2017. It is assumed that they were bought by Sir Ralph Harwood who was restoring Seckford Hall, and bought a large quantity of medieval
woodwork and fragments for this work. It is possible that they were originally stripped out of Beaudesert Hall which was demolished around 1935, and it is known that some of the woodwork from this house were acquired by Harwood and used in the restoration of Seckford Hall. Whilst this is not a firm provenance, there is a strong resemblance in the features of the male head when compared to the image of William Paget, 1 st Baron of Beaudesert, (1506 – 1583). There are losses to the roundels, and the outer framing is probably later.

Dimensions: Height centimetres, Width centimetres

Price: £9,950 (Stock No 2858)