SN 1183 Chest


English boarded Oak Chest circa 1580 – 1600. It is of delightful small proportions with a lovely colour and surface quality. The sides are buttressed at the base to receive the front and back which have been simply secured with large handmade clout nails. An indication of the early period this dates to can be seen in the way the sides are very slightly waisted giving slightly more width to the top compared to the bottom of the side panels. The top was originally attached by ring hinges which have snapped through at some time and been replaced with later seventeenth century strap hinges. They have been fitted slightly off kilter which adds to the charm of this piece. The lock plate is a later replacement, and the hasp has been lost

Dimensions: Height 46 centimetres, Width 66 centimetres, Depth 36 centimetres

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