SN 1213 William and Mary Strong Box


A full-size oyster veneered strong box, or “Coffre Fort”, in first class condition with much of the original gilding to the fittings, William and Mary, circa1690.

It is in superb condition throughout, all the veneers are stable and original with the exception of one or two small pieces which are entirely invisible, all the fitting are original and complete with much of the gilding intact,  all the brass studs and pins are present and  the lock  (no key) and closing latch is functioning well,  the underside is clean and stable and the interior is in first class condition with numerous ‘secret’ drawers and hidden compartments.

The box is reputed to have come from the collection at North Mimms House. Similar boxes occasionally appear on the market attributed as Flemish, German or French however there is a growing school of thought that in fact examples such as this are English and circa 1690. I have not seen another in such good/original condition as this one, as most that come up for sale have suffered greatly from neglect, over restoration, or more commonly have many losses.

Dimensions: Height 28 , Width 49cm, Depth  28cm

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