SN 2872 English Medieval Boss


English Oak Boss depicting a bearded man set amongst foliage, circa 1400 – 1420.  It is most probably a depiction of Christ, and retains a significant amount of its original colouring including a small residue of gold around the beard area.  It was formerly in the collection of an “early Oak dealer” from Stamford named Ralph Cox.  There is a label on the back with his name printed on it, and below is inscribed  “Stamford”.  In addition is written “St Botolph’s, Boston: early 15th century roof boss. East Anglia?”

The Boss was cleaned and conserved when a later over coat of paint was removed by the late Eddie Sinclair in 2007, and her report on this Boss is available together with a report on the paint analysis she commissioned from Catherine Hassall.

Dimensions:  11.4 centimetres square


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