SN 3121 William and Mary Looking Glass


William and Mary marquetry mirror/looking glass with original mercury amalgam glass, circa 1680-1700.  The overall design is seaweed marquetry of walnut and fruitwoods with sand shading on a softwood ground, most likely pine.  The marquetry is sound with a scattering of worm holes and small patches of re-laying, the frame structure is solid  and the mercury amalgum mirror and its backing board are original, the ebonised inner sight line moulding has small areas of fill which are well executed, and barely perceptible.  The outer edge may be in part later. The construction techniques and choice of woods are suggestive of English manufacture of the late 17th century.  It is even possible that it could have originated in the workshops of Gerrit Jensen however there is no evidence to support this at this time.  Minor damage to area in bottom left corner.

Dimensions:  Overall, Height 59centimetres, Width 54centimetres, and the sight line measuring 25cm x 20cm.

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