SN RE072022 Carved Sculpture of the Mother of God and Child circa 1560 – 1580

Call for Price

16th Century carved sculpture depicting the “Mother of God and Child”, circa 1560 – 1580, of imposing size.  It is a rare piece of art of the early Mexican religious times, and was from the Behrens collection.  It has been in a private collection since 1999, and the present owner now wishes to sell it as he downsizes his collection.

It is a remarkable survival particularly as the figure of Christ is detachable being secured on a tapered peg from the Virgin’s lap.  The hole to receive the peg has been drilled out by an auger which is typical of the tools that would have been used in this period.  There are significant traces of the original pigments but a later paint has been applied at some later time probably for conservation purposes.  There is some insect damage to this piece but it is long dead, and the sculpture is completely firm and solid.

Provenance:  A Certificate of Authenticity and a fuller description from the Connisseur Art Gallery in Mexico City is available with this piece.

Dimensions:  Height 94 centimetres, Width 37 centimetres, Depth 40centimetres


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